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ELIXIR electronic filling system is approved by IEC and ATEX. ELIXIR electronic filling system is approved by IEC and ATEX. 

ELIXIR electronic filling system is now installed in 5 continents and more than 50 countries.

ELIXIR Electronic LPG Filling Systems include: 

  • Electronic Filling Carousels
  • Stationary Filling Machines
  • Movable Filling Plants
  • Retrofitting & Upgrading Services
  • Customised Software Support
  • Electronic filling carousels
  • Stationary filling machines
  • Chain conveyor systems
  • Cylinder introduction & ejection systems
  • Electronic control panels & PLC
  • Electronic check scale systems
  • Electronic leak detection systems
  • Cybil reporting software & RFID systems


  • ELIXIR filling machines are operated via a control box with in-built keypad and display.
  • Pre-programming for filling and manual data entry are easy and effortless.


Customised designs allow ELIXIR filling machines to be retrofitted onto existing mechanical and electronic carousels with minimal modifications


ELIXIR filling machines are equipped with microprocessors capable of:

  • Calculations of internal intervals of 6 grams.
  • 25 measurements per second during filling.
  • 97% of all cylinders filled will have a +/- 100 gram accuracy.


  • A range of tare weight inputs can be pre-set to significantly reduce wrong entries, under-filling   and over-filling. 
  • If an operator enters a tare weight smaller or larger Than those pre-programmed, an error message will appear on the display and filling will not commence.
  • 9 different passwords can be pre-set for each filling machine as per individual operator’s preference so as to control access.
  • When the filling head is correctly engaged to the cylinder valve, the Gas-Stop Valve is automatically activated to start filling LPG into the cylinder.
  • If the filling head is not correctly engaged with the cylinder valve,the Gas-Stop Valve automatically closes within 4 seconds and LPG filling will stop immediately.