Palletizing System for Unloading & Loading of Cylinders

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Functions of a Palletizing System for cylinders:

  • Unloading empty cylinders from pallets to filling system automatically
  • Loading filled cylinders from filling system onto pallets automatically

Advantages of using a Palletizing System

  • Improve the safety of workers during unloading & loading of cylinders.
  • Improve the speed & efficiency of unloading & loading of cylinders.
  • Improve the safety & efficiency of cylinders storage within the filling plant.

Pallets can be stacked to maximize the use of available storage space.

  • Significantly reduce the intensity & amount of manual labour involved in unloading & loading of cylinders.
  • Significantly reduce the damage & wear-and-tear incurred by the cylinders during unloading & loading and thus reduce damage to filling equipment

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